April 23, 2022

2022-12-08 | 17:36:29

"We love ordering at Frank’s! Great pizza, service, and an overall great time."
April 3, 2022

2022-12-08 | 17:36:38

"Great spot for a quick lunch! They have many lunch specials that are great"
August 15, 2020

Wendy Jones

"The steak and cheese combo with fries is great. I’ve been eating at Franks more than 10 years. Never had a complaint. The fried mushrooms and loaded fries are great appetizers. My grandmother always ordered the steak special so it must be pretty tasty as well. At the end of my kids sports seasons the teams always went there to celebrate. Franks staff was always accommodating and pleasant."
July 17, 2020

Nicholas Turner

"Have been coming here for years with family and the service has been great just about all the time. They do get busy on Sunday for lunch, but food is good especially steak and cheese."
May 20, 2020

Maria E Smith

"The one place for the best eating ever. Try the fresh baked ziti Oh so good! Get it with meatballs Oh so super good!! JUST try their steak sandwiches Oh so good!! The greatest pizza for a fun family day outings!!!!! The Great place to eat in Chatham for families to eat. Located Rt 29 in small shopping center next to the American National Bank. Oh So Super great eating!!!!!!!....."